About ISVS

History of the ISVS

The ISVS is a non-profit international medical society formed in 2003 under the initiative and guidance of Sir Peter RF Bell, MD and Frank J. Veith, MD in response to the need for an international organization committed to the recognition and promotion of vascular surgery as a defined specialty.  Vascular Surgery should be separate & distinct from general & cardiothoracic surgery.  The ISVS offers education and training to their members in an effort to define and demonstrate its expertise worldwide. The political need for this specialty recognition exists to varying degrees in different parts of the world and arises from the trend for vascular procedures to be performed by practitioners who commit small parts of their practice to non-cardiac vascular disease patients. These practitioners treat patients while no standard guidelines exist to define what constitutes adequate criteria for training and credentialing in Vascular Surgery.

Since the early 1950's Vascular Surgery continues to evolve. Over the last 50 years, huge strides have been made in operative procedures allowing for treatment of a much larger patient population throughout the globe. In recent years, advances in medical treatment have led to the ability to perform minimally invasive surgery with a decrease in open operations. This new treatment has become known as endovascular therapy. The ISVS was formed to enlighten the global community to the fact that vascular surgeons are largely committed to treat patients with vascular disease. vascular surgeons can offer a comprehensive range of therapies that include open surgery, endovascular therapy and medical treatment. In addition, when problems arise with endovascular treatments and an open rescue procedure is required, a vascular surgeon can skillfully manage the situation.

By becoming a specialty globally, we will be able to establish standards in vascular training that will allow all vascular surgeons to provide the most comprehensive range of vascular treatments. Once we have better defined ourselves through training and global standards we will be better able to present our expertise as a distinct specialty worldwide.

Mission and Objectives

ISVS promotes Vascular Surgery as a distinct medical specialty worldwide separate from general and cardio thoracic surgery.  ISVS accomplishes this through education (scientific and clinical).  In addition, ISVS creates strategic alliances with organizations who share our goals and objectives.

ISVS educates healthcare professionals, government agencies and the general public concerning the unique services and valuable benefits provided by Vascular Surgeons who are well trained and committed to the specialty and all its nuisances.

ISVS identifies and provides recognition to their members who meet certain guidelines, which deems them to be qualified, committed and accomplished vascular surgeons. 

ISVS provides podium and poster awards to their members who present at ISVS endorsed vascular surgery meetings.  

ISVS offers rotational training opportunities with international key opinion leaders.

The International Society for Vascular Surgery's objective is to ensure that vascular surgeons are trained in all nuisances of open vascular surgical procedures and endovascular interventions.  This is particularly important in developing countries where surgeons are in need of basic Vascular Surgery training.  Our goal is to ensure that favorable surgical outcomes are achieved throughout the globe through training and education.

Join ISVS today. Membership in numbers will help give this society an opportunity to move Vascular Surgery forward. Our objectives are your objectives.